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Hospitality of only 5 pairs a day

【Official】Waita Sanso

A cobalt blue sky outdoor bath and a small auberge of "small Shokoku French"

Founded 50 years.A small auberge operated by a couple at the foot of Mt.There are points that do not lead to service, but hospitality respecting customer's private time.The owner's handmade dish is a "Shokoku French" where local "Shokoku" and passion for food made in Kumamoto prefecture, and Japanese taste interwoven with French.The mysterious cobalt blue hot water is a special place with a superb view "Tenku-no-yu" and a private bath! I am waiting for your visit from the bottom of my heart.

Landscape within the facility

  • "Nara-chan" who works hard

    A signboard named "Tara-chan" at a crowded Waita Sanso.

    We welcome you with plenty of charm (?) To everyone coming to an important holiday.Looking forward to your visit, I work hard every day.
  • "Wakkari" with Japanese accessories ... ...

    In the hearth near the entrance,
    I have pretty Japanese accessories.

    To the facial expressions of relieved dolls,
    I hope the tiredness of a long journey will be relieved ......

    There is a small space near the reception, but there is a shop.Please visit Kumamoto's specialty as a souvenir for your trip.
  • Restaurant

    Private room restaurant.
    We are preparing for both chair type and seat chair type.
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Attraction of Waita Sanso

  • A beautiful hot spring of gentle "Skinny" to the skin ...... Cooking that you can choose from preference and budget is popular!

    We have renewed our restaurant so far to a private room style restaurant that emphasizes private.As a result of renewal, we have offered us with room meals so far, but from now on we will be introducing meals at "private room style restaurant".We are preparing for both chair type and seat chair type.I would like to aim at creating a space where guests can relax and enjoy relaxing meals.
  • In the fall of 2015, the guest room was renewed

    We also have bed type mattress in room with customer's request.It is a space of sum that you can relax and get away from check in.We have selected a comfortable mattress.After entering plenty of hot springs, please relax and have a relaxing stay in your room.
  • Hot spring with sour flowing from the source is made of metasilicate-rich natural skin

    With four private baths, it is an indispensable hot spring bath.
    The room with an elegant outdoor bath separates, and a beautiful Japanese room with a hearty mind.
    To the specialty "Hell-steamed chicken", delicious local vegetables, rich variety of meat dishes,
    Please spend a memorable holiday with your loved ones.

Japanese-style Auberge, Sansou Waita

  • Waita Sanso has renewed inn's name

    Waita Sanso will renew the inn's name as "Waita Sanso Waita Sanso" "Waita Sanso, Japanese-style Auberge Sansou Waita".
    We are offering cooking as Japanese-style French from 2016.Along with that, we redesigned the inn as renovated "Waitasanso" and "Waita Sanso cho Japanese-style Auberge, a Sansou Waita".
    There are no major changes in the facility etc.
    We will continue to devote ourselves to satisfy all of you in the future so far, so thank you for your continued patronage.

Day trip LUNCH & charter hot spring

  • Limited Time Only! Popular day trip plan revival greatly!

    【Reservation required】
    Popular Tenku-no-yu of Tenku-no-yu and Chikurin-no-yu can only take a bath can stay!
    Limited to 5 Groups per Day! A day- plan with Waita original one plate lunch appeared!
    Hours of use, from 11 o'clock to 14 o'clock: ¥ 2,800 per person (excluding tax)

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