Cloudy Bijin-no-yu natural moisturizing ingredient metasilicic acid 461 mg / kg


"Tenku-no-yu" renewed

Oguni Fuji order to enjoy the view to the fullest, such as Mount Mt Waitasan, the sea of clouds called Oguni Fuji, the sunset over the mountain ridgeline, etc.
The observatory bath has been renewed, keeping the obstructions as low as possible.

In addition to cobalt blue "Tenku-no-yu", "Chikurin-no-yu" featuring muddy water and family hot water are all available for private use.

The hotel was introduced by national television of TV!

  • The hotel was introduced by national television of TV!

    National Broadcasting of TV Asahi series on May 3, 2019 "Oraga ranking Dinani !?"
    "Waita Onsen Village hot spring village" is the third in the satisfaction ranking of the hot spring area!
    Among them, "Cobalt Blue Fountain Quality" and "View from the open-air bath" was introduced as the hotel that is highly praised for its excellent reviews. The guests of the studios were amazed by the voices of the guests of the studio, in French and intertwined with the Japanese taste using the ingredients of the local "Shokoku" and the Tenku-no-yu roof of the main building.
    In the program, the degree of satisfaction with "Waita Onsen Village" is 95.3%
    Introduction of hot Hell-steamed and Hell-steamed rising up all over the mountain village!
    Bookings for the Bon Festival and the New Year holidays also started earlier.
    I am looking forward to seeing you from the bottom of my heart.

Landscape within the facility

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Attraction of Waita Sanso

  • In July 2019, some rooms were renewed

    We also have bed type mattress in room with customer's request.It is a space of sum that you can relax and get away from check in.We have selected a comfortable mattress.After entering plenty of hot springs, please relax and have a relaxing stay in your room.
  • Hot spring with sour flowing from the source is made of metasilicate-rich natural skin

    Four private baths and a hot spring without water.
    The room with an elegant outdoor bath separates, and a beautiful Japanese room with a hearty mind.
    Please spend a memorable holiday with your loved ones.

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