【Official】Waita Sanso

About the handling of GoTo travel business

  • GoTo Travel Pause Information

    For the following period, regardless of new reservations or existing reservations, for all prefectures
    Goto Travel is no longer applicable.

    ■December 28, 2020 (Monday) -January 11, 2021(Monday)

    ~ For customers who have already made a reservation ~

    Free cancellation is possible until Thursday, December 24, 2020.
    ※Reservations must be made by 24:00 on Monday, December 14th.

    Regarding the handling of Goto Travel, depending on the spread of the new coronavirus infection,
    It is subject to change at any time.
    Please check the Goto Travel Official website for details.
                              *Updated at 15:00 on December 17, 2020*

About new type coronavirus infectious disease prevention measures

  • We take the following measures to prevent infection and spread of infection at this facility.

    ●Upon arrival, we will measure the temperature and verify your identity.
    ●Alcohol disinfectants are installed at various places such as entrances and restaurants.
    ●A transparent vinyl sheet is installed at the reception to prevent splashing.
    ●Alcohol disinfection is used to clean the facility and guest rooms.
    ●All baths can be reserved
    ●Meals will be prepared in a private restaurant
    ●The staff wears a mask.Please understand
    ●The staff tries to serve customers with a physical distance in mind.

    Request to customers
    ●Please cooperate in etiquette such as coughing and sneezing in the common space.
    ●We would appreciate it if you could help us to wear a mask outside the room, and to disinfect and disinfect.

"Tenku-no-yu" renewal & footbath completed

  • Observation bath on the roof of the hotel "Tenku-no-yu"

    Mt Waitasan and the sea of clouds, called Oguni Fuji, and the sunset at the mountain ridgeline,
    In order to enjoy the view to the maximum extent,
    Observation bath has been renewed.

    In addition to cobalt blue "Tenku-no-yu", "Chikurin-no-yu" which features muddy water,
    It is available for private use, including the family bath.
  • Footbath completed

    June 2020 Footbath completed.
    Please use it as a place to have a leisurely conversation while blowing in a comfortable breeze.

We have prepared a new dinner course

  • Creative Shokoku French made with seasonal ingredients from Kumamoto

    Kumamoto brand Japanese beef, horse sashimi, Higo red chicken, Amakusa red snapper and locally grown vegetables
    Please enjoy seasonal French ingredients with creative French.

    course is
    ·Standard Course
    ·Steak course to maximize luxury
    ·Healthy course popular with women and the elderly
    There are 3 course.
  • "Charcoal hut springs up"

    About 5 minutes by car from the hotel, we will prepare at "Charcoal fire hut spring".

    Bungo cattle and free-range chicken, such as seafood, charcoal stove charcoal-grilled course stuck to the taste and volume
    All-you-can-drink beer and several other drinks!

    ★This hotel ⇔ charcoal hut spring free pick-up

    ▼Opening Hours
    From 18:00 to 23:00

The hotel was introduced by national television of TV!

  • The hotel was introduced by national television of TV!

    National Broadcasting of TV Asahi series on May 3, 2019 "Oraga ranking Dinani !?"
    "Waita Onsen Village hot spring village" is the third in the satisfaction ranking of the hot spring area!
    Among them, "Cobalt Blue Fountain Quality" and "View from the open-air bath" was introduced as the hotel that is highly praised for its excellent reviews. The guests of the studios were amazed by the voices of the guests of the studio, in French and intertwined with the Japanese taste using the ingredients of the local "Shokoku" and the Tenku-no-yu roof of the main building.
    In the program, the degree of satisfaction with "Waita Onsen Village" is 95.3%
    Introduction of hot Hell-steamed and Hell-steamed rising up all over the mountain village!
    Bookings for the Bon Festival and the New Year holidays also started earlier.
    I am looking forward to seeing you from the bottom of my heart.

Landscape within the facility

  • "Nora-chan" who works hard

    A signboard neko of Waita Sanso"Nora-chan".

    We welcome you with plenty of charm (?) To everyone coming to an important holiday.Looking forward to your visit, I work hard every day.
  • Restaurant

    Private room restaurant.
    We are preparing for both chair type and seat chair type.
  • An approach to invite you to a bath or away

    After passing through the guest room corridor on the 3rd floor of the hotel, you will find four private baths and a separate
    There is a following approach.
To the in-facility scenery page

Waita of charm

  • Hot spring with sour flowing from the source is made of metasilicate-rich natural skin

    Four private baths and a hot spring without water.
    The room with an elegant outdoor bath separates, and a beautiful Japanese room with a hearty mind.
    Please spend a memorable holiday with your loved ones.
  • In July 2019, some rooms were renewed

    We also have bed type mattress in room with customer's request.It is a space of sum that you can relax and get away from check in.We have selected a comfortable mattress.After entering plenty of hot springs, please relax and have a relaxing stay in your room.

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Since it is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, you may not be able to answer the phone.Please understand.