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   "Shokoku Shokoku French" sticking to local "Shokoku" and food made in Kumamoto prefecture is popular

Passion for Kumamoto prefecture such as seasonal ingredients of Shokoku and horse sashimi and red beef, own owner's own arms. The popular dish as Auberge is "Shokoku French" which intertwined French with Japanese taste.There are many guests who are attracted by that "Shokoku French" and repeat.Also, the personality of the owner is made use of the arrangement as well, and it is pleasant with the five senses.Please enjoy with recommended wine.
  • ■Waita Sanso cuisine at Waita Sanso got renewed

    Renewed the cuisine focusing on creative dishes made by interwoven Japanese and Western style as it is, with plenty of handmade passion for plentiful seasonal ingredients.We will offer all handmade items from sauces to dressings and sweets by cooking method suitable for food ingredients by purchase of the day. We try our best to have a good hot spring and a good meal with a good meal.We prepare breakfast and vegetables center smoothies, salads, soup, etc, which are friendly to the body.

    <Reference menu>
    Appetizer(Amuse)/Vegetables(Local vegetables)/Today's soup/Two kinds of horse meat served/Black pig's shabu-shabu/Children's pottery of the day
    Savory egg custard/Chicken Jigoku-mushi (steamed cuisine)/Today's rice/Today's dessert (Desert)
    ※The above is for reference only. Daily menus are changed due to purchase and season. Please note.
  • Please enjoy wine and sake together with dishes

    We are keeping a menu that makes use of the purchase and seasonal local ingredients. Taste it with wine and local sake that match the French cuisine of the day.

    ☆Wine is mainly made of Kumamoto wine, Chablis · Pino wool is also available.
    ☆For sake as well, please refer to dry, sweet and preference centering on Kumamoto's local sake.
  • ■Passion for handmade

    The seasonal ingredients at that time are delicious, easy to eat, and I am using plenty of sweets and breakfast.
    We are offering a vegetable-based, body-friendly breakfast.
  • ■Original creative dish

    One dish.Japanese style & Western-style mixed Sansou Waita original creative cuisine (summer)
  • ■Waita Sanso!

  • ■Waita Onsen Village

    The specialty "Chicken Jigoku-mushi (steamed cuisine)" steamed in hot springs,
    It is a popular dish in which the umami of chicken was condensed "gut".
  • ■Japanese beef cattle from Kumamoto prefecture

    Premium Wagyu Beef with soft, good-looking fat melts in your mouth.It is a popular food in the local area.
  • ■You can choose your dish by preference or budget

    There are variety cuisine plan using locally produced ingredients of passion.
    Accommodation plan that you can choose from according to your preferences and budget are popular! Please, choose your favorite dish plan as well!