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Dinner main course

  • Creative Shokoku french

    Please enjoy seasonal local ingredients with creative French.
    course are 3 course.

    □Standard Course
    Appetizer Soup Fish dish Meat dish Grilled product 〆 1 dessert

    ≪MENU example≫
    Appetizer Horse Sashimi Cold Corn Cream Avocado and Salmon Tartar
    Soup Crustacean soup
    Fish dishes Seasonal fish saute from Kyushu Winter vegetables and sea urchin cream sauce
    Meat dish Higo red chicken herb hot spring steamed mustard sauce
    Retouching orange granita
    Grilled products Kumamoto brand Japanese beef steak
    〆1 dish Meat miso rice ball Dashi chazuke
    Dessert Lemon Tart Pear Vanilla Compote Salt Caramel Macaron Creme Brulee Warabimochi
          Coffee or tea 

    □Steak course
    Appetizer soup Fish dish Grilled 〆 1 item dessert
    Standard course meat dishes (chicken dishes) are gone,
    Grilled steaks compare to eating three types of Kumamoto brand Japanese beef.

    □Healthy course
    Appetizer Soup Fish dish Meat dish 〆 1 item dessert
    Standard course appetizer horse sashimi,pottery(Steak),

    ※Meals will be prepared in a private restaurant
    ※Contents may change depending on the season and stocking
    ※Cooking photo is an image
  • Charcoal grilling course

    ※The place to eat this course is
    About 5 minutes from the hotel is a restaurant called “Charcoal Grill Hut”.

     ■Charcoal grilling course
      ·Bungo beef sirloin with irresistible umami flavor and sweetness of sashimi
      ·Juicy local chicken full of flavor enough to chew
      ·Fresh oysters and sea scents with the scent of the sea
      ·Other,Seasonal small bowl

     ▼All-you-can-drink menu
      ·beer,Shochu,Shochu High,Highball,sour,Soft drink

    ※course content is subject to change depending on season and purchase.
    ※The photo is for 4 people.
    ※Opening Hours:From 18:00 to 23:00
    ※Free Pick-up(Hotel ⇔ charcoal hut)