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Charcoal-grilled charcoal

Bungo beef, chicken and seafood charcoal grill course
  • ■We have prepared a new dinner course

     ■Charcoal grilling course
      ·Bungo beef sirloin with irresistible umami flavor and sweetness of sashimi
      ·Juicy local chicken full of flavor enough to chew
      ·Fresh oysters and sea scents with the scent of the sea
      ·Other,Seasonal small bowl

     ▼All-you-can-drink menu
      ·beer,Shochu,Shochu High,Highball,sour,Soft drink

    ※course content is subject to change depending on season and purchase.
    ※The photo is for 4 people.
    ※Opening Hours:From 18:00 to 23:00
    ※Free Pick-up(Hotel ⇔ charcoal hut)